What are retreats in the street?

Dear friends,

„Practise at seeing and listening respectfully“ are called retreats of ten days which we, the ‚Religious Sisters and Brothers Against Exclusion‘ (Berlin) offer for everybody under the name „Street Retreats“. The inner experiences as well of the participants as of the spiritual directors encourage us to offer these courses also in the next year.

With this kind of retreat a special attentiveness is given to the place where the individual feels particularly moved internally. The thorn shrub, where Moses during his everyday life met God in a fire (love) which burned but did not burn up, is an example for it (Exodus 3). When the time for it arrives, we will also not overlook the depressed, unpleasant or weak spots in us and in society. There is often the chance of a greater scope for the lives of individuals and communities.  more


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Retreat on the street
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