Retreats on the streets

Participants Reports

2011 Regina Bernhardt: Street Retreat
2005 Joseph Mumbere: Street Retreat in Nürnberg
2005 Brigitte Reeb: Retreat on the Street – Madness!!!!!!
2006 Margit: At Long Last Living
2006 Marita: Street Retreat in July 2006 in Berlin
2004 Christoph Albrecht SJ: Street Retreat in Fribourg
2004 Urban Heck: Marvelous Retreat – Good-bye Daniel!
2004 Ingrid Hartmann: God met me in Nuremberg
2004 Sr. Klara Maria Breuer: Berlin Pulled Off My Shoes
2003 Sr. Petra Bigge : On the Streets of Nürnberg
2003 Christiane Wiesner: Retreat on the Street
2003 Jean Lecuit S.J.: „Take Off Your Shoes…“
2001 Monks and Nuns from Münster go to Berlin


Karl Rahner: Christus in the Prisoners
Chr. Herwartz & Chr. Albrecht: The Beginning of Something Being Broken:
in: The Way April 2006 Volume 45, Number 2 page 11 -24

Christoph Albrecht: Sacramental Experience on the Streets
Klaus Mertes: Theological Considerations After the Retreat in Kreuzberg
Chr. Herwartz: The Road to Community